Jia.Duan Art Gallery

Personal paintings and movies

1. Lotus (3D animation)

China's first fully digitally produced art film. Jia as a screenwriter, director, art designer, music arranger, and producer. It is no dialogue, but poetic, musical, a combination of East and West and personal work. 2005-2006 Lotus won 10 awards and selected in multiple world film festival after.

2. Diary for Swan Lake (Sample of the Documentary)

As a naturalistic protectionist, she started filming and production of Swan Lake in Shandong for ten years. This was a true story of beautiful loneliness and brave sadness. The film production uses woodblock print animation combined with the actual shooting style, Waiting for post-production.

3. The Story of Red Candle with Mermaid is a 2D hand-drawn animation

24 minutes